Platinum Rankings SEO Tips from St. George, Utah

Who is SEO For?

St. George SEOSEO or search engine optimization practical knowledge anyone involved with an online business. These days every business needs to have an online presence. Specifically, Southern Utah is a competitive business environment were a higher online ranking can help you or hurt your business. Whether you own a local business, an online business or a blog SEO is crucial knowledge. Comprehending SEO is crucial for anybody who owns a business even if it is outsourced a webmaster like Platinum Rankings.

One thing that makes SEO different than other types of business is the costant changes with google updates. You will constantly have to invest time into your site to keep it fresh and relivent. Unfortunitly an unrelivent site gets pushed down in rankings little by little.

1. SEO New and Staying Current

There isn’t a perfect formula for learning new things about SEO. There are so many sources out there that you need to learn from the best search engine optimization teachers in the world. One place that you can come across news about google search engine is from a social online group. There is power in numbers and many things can be debated and one of those things is techniques to get your site ranked above your competitors.

2. SEO Suggestion Web Design and Silos

One thing that is important for most designers is the fundementals of webdisign and being a webmaster at the same time. A Platnum ranking tip is to develop a simple easy to follow design with a basic homepage, with a clean design. Later move on to more difficult subjects like silos when you design larger sites. These are made to help funnel the user through the pages to the information they are looking for.

Platnum Rankings Utialises Silos like These

3. SEO Suggestion: Know Your Keywords

Learn what your keywords are before you start writting content or building a website. The first reason is that you need to understand what your competion for those keywords is doing. How competitive are those particular keywords? There are booth free and paid tools out there for finding out how competitive certain keywords, but the most popular and ones used by Platnum Rankings are MOZ and Majestic. They arn’t perfect but they allow the users to scout their compitition. 

Think about the following when deciding which keywords to choose

How would I search for this particular item if I were to google it. Think about the way people type things into the search engains to create long tail keyword. Then focus on about three to five of those that get searched for the most. 

4. SEO Suggestion: Don’t Pack Your Pages With Keywords

There is an oldschool SEO blackhat trick used in other countries and useded to be used in the United States. People used to pack their articals with keywords which can have two bad effects. If these are visable your site will look like a spammer’s site. Maybe it is and they will get turned off and leave creating a high bounce rate. If you hide your packed key words google bots will eventually notice and you will get deindexed. This is still common outside the US but no longer flys here. 

Find an expert SEO author to booth create and produce the content on your page. With the recent google algarithom updates, there is a fine line between underoptomised and keywork packing. Besides keyword density, keep fresh material on your pages and alter your material frequently. You don’t need to change the meaning but google likes fresh content on your pages. This will get the google bot to your site more often. 

5. SEO Suggestion: Utilize Social Networks

WEB 2.0 Properties

Don’t forget about the importance of Web 2.0 properties when it comes to ranking your site– Platinum Rankings

One thing that people don’t understand is the power of social media in the current SEO enviornment. There are professionals who claim the have only ranked sites by sending social signals via facebook, google plus, twitter and linkden to name the most poular ones. In the SEO community these are reffered to as web 2.0 which is another way to say social networking. Don’t be afraid to like and share this artical so more people can learn about SEO. 

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