The Best Barber

There are many things that are difficult to find and one of those is a quality barber. There is one barber that is the best in southern Utah. Red Mountain Barber is a great place to get a haircut if you are looking for a classic barbershop.

What is the difference between a classic barber and going to a franchised hair salon?

  1. A barber specializes in cutting men’s hair. They only do men’s haircuts for the most part so they are masters at cutting men’s hair.
  2. They use a strait razor. This is something that you might not be to sure about the first time you get your hair cut by a professional barber, but there are some benefits to it. Your neckline or shave will last longer instead of only a couple days.
  3. The environment. Most barbers talk to men all day and know what you are interested in. They know that you care about your motorcycle, politics, or any other hobbies you can think of.
  4. The history behind the pole in front of the shop. There is some much symbolism to the pole in front of the shop. It represents a time when they where “medical barbers.” Yes, back in the day they would give haircuts and remove a bullet if that is what you needed. The pole is so important to the profession that it is illegal in most states for someone else to use it in-front of their place of business.


Know that you know some of the basics where are you going to go for your next haircut? There are many places you could choose but we obviously recommend that you look for a pole in front of the place where you get your next trim and shave.

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